Saturday, October 15, 2011

RubyMine Still Hanging on Indexing? Reinstall!

Okay, so my previous posting might not be enough. After initial success, RubyMine again started to hang on reindexing, this time on several large projects.

So I did an experiment: I ran the same version of RubyMine on another MacBook Pro on the same Rails project that was failing on my first computer. It ran successfully.


I did some research on "really" removing Macintosh applications, and the following actions cleared the problem.
  1. In Finder, remove your RubyMine application from the /Applications folder.
  2. rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/RubyMine32
  3. rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/RubyMine32
  4. Reboot the affected laptop
  5. Reinstall from the RubyMine dmg file.
When I relaunched on the previously hanging project, it launched fine. When I closed and reopened the project, the quick loading reflected the successfully-generated index files.

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