Monday, February 22, 2010

Scenes from LA Ruby Conference - 2010 - Mobile Ruby

Take Away

Programming for mobile devices is a lot more than adjusting to the smaller screen; there are additional opportunities in the mobile devices themselves: GPS, camera, motion sensors, etc. However, they have significant challenges: comparatively primitive development environments, and operating systems. These are discussed along with how HTML 5 and Rhomobile are working towards a single programming API across mobile platforms.


This was presented by Sarah Allen of Blazing Cloud (gotta retrieve the presenter's name)
Rhomobile framework call "Rhodes"

Mobile app development sucks:
  • Awkward
  • In some ways is archaic
    • Old languages
Brand Transcends Platform

My brand instead of cell phone brand. (Do I agree w/ this?).

Mobile gives you more than desktop:
  • Geolocation
  • Camera
  • Connected
  • Everyone you know is connected
Means you have different opportunities than desktop.

write Once - Run Anywhere

How to get code onto the device.
  • Rhodes is similar to Rails.
  • Views are HTML.
  • It all works within the device. So a kind of HTML processor is inside the device.
It's also analogous to Rails:
  • Controller -> RhoController
  • Model -> Rhom
  • View -> eRB files
Javascript alternatives:
  • Titanium

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