Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scenes from LA Ruby Conference - 2010 - Announcements

Take Away

Continues to be lots of interest and activity in Ruby. Conferences in San Francisco and Phoenix announced for this year. Jobs are available, especially in San Francisco.

Job Available

Product Manager - Slingshot Labs, incubator for News Corporation
Looking for a senior Rails developer.

Ruby Conference

Josh Susser and Jim Myer
Golden Gate Ruby Conference
Announce Fall conference - Sept 10,11 2010 (fri/sat)

Primary Sponsor for Today's Conference

ATT Interactive - social website. Have t-shirts. NOthing to do w/ Google

Ruby Conference

Derek w/ Sunnyconf in Phoenix
Sept 25.

LA Ruby Monthly Meetings

Alf Mcgollough 2nd Thursday of each month.
Looking for west side venue that can handle 50 people.

Job Available

AT&T interactive hiring
  • Ruby and data skills
  • Ruby and web and UI skills
  • Oracle/Ruby
  • Service type work in Ruby/Rails
Job Available
Place to pay money to fix open source bugs.
Check out the site.

Ron Evans - thanks to organizers

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